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A Midnight Christmas MessOne of the most obscure albums I'll recommend within these pages is A Midnight Christmas Mess (1984) and its two follow-ups - Midnight Christmas Mess Again!! (1986) and Midnight Christmas Mess Part III (1987) - released by New York independent label-cum-record store, Midnight Records. Both on their label (active 1985-1989) and in their store (still alive and kicking), Midnight focuses on 60's garage rock, proto-punk, and psychedelia, as well as bands who continue in that tradition. Their Christmas LP series consisted of all-new recordings by largely now-forgotten East Coast bands, and the first volume is really a peach - non-stop nuggets of original Christmas songs that really, truly rock. The pickings are a little slimmer on the second and third editions, but fans of the genre will dig all three platters.

Bear in mind, the production is programmatically lo-fi, but if you love garage rock, you're used to that by now! Sadly, the Midnight Christmas Mess records are quite out-of-print and have never been reissued on CD. Last time I looked, they're not even listed in the Amazon database, and they are rarely hawked on eBay. But, Midnight Records - still around after all these years - claimed to have some vinyl copies available for mail order. [top of page]

Albums Albums

  • A Midnight Christmas Mess (1984)
  • Midnight Christmas Mess Again!! (1986)
  • Midnight Christmas Mess Part III (1987)


  • Are You Ready For Christmas (Luther n' BBB's, 1987)
  • Celebrate! (Whooping Cranes, 1987)
  • Christmas Dance (Johnny Rabb, 1984)
  • Christmas Here (Could Never Be Like That) (Wednesday Week, 1984)
  • Christmas I'll Be Home (The Vipers, 1986)
  • Christmastime With You (Cheepskates, 1984)
  • December Mourning (Crocodile Shop, 1987)
  • Forget It (Nadroj & The Wolrats, 1984)
  • Gloria (In Excelsis Deo) (Tryfles, 1984)
  • Gotta Get Lucky For Xmas (Johnny Rabb, 1984)
  • Here's What I Want On Christmas Day (Justin Love, 1984)
  • It's Christmas (A Time For Giving) (Screamin' Jay Hawkins, 1984)
  • Last Minute Rush (Cheepskates, 1984)
  • Merry Christmas (Plan 9, 1984)
  • Merry Christmas Baby (Senders, 1987)
  • Mrs. Claus Has Menopause (Sterilles, 1987)
  • O Tannenbaum Now (Das Furlines, 1986)
  • On Comet (The Point, 1984)
  • One Winter's Night (The Brood, 1987)
  • Santa Ain't Santa (Woofing Cookies, 1986)
  • Santa Is Comin' Down Again (Psycho Daisies, 1986)
  • Sleighbell Bop (The Holidays) Star (Cheepskates, 1986)
  • Xmas Time (It Sure Doesn't Feel Like It) (Dogmatics, 1984)
  • Xmas Will Never... (Love Pushers, 1987)
  • Yuh Xmess (Gorehounds, 1987)

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