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I'll be honest: I've bitten off more than I can chew. In the last couple of years, I've reorganized my entire Christmas section, built a huge Artists & Albums index, expanded my Songs & Singles index, written a heap o' reviews, and redesigned the entire website at least twice. But, like the layers of an onion, I keep uncovering new, wacky yuletide treasures - records, CD's, whatever - I can't resist.

What's New?So, I have hundreds Christmas CD's cluttering up my office - far more, certainly, than the 200 or so already reviewed herein. They gather dust, waiting to be catalogued and reviewed in my usual obsessive-compulsive manner. Rather than throw this year's crop of holiday goodies atop that languishing pile, I'm giving you, faithful reader, a list the best and brightest rockin' Christmas CD's for 2006.

As usual, it's a mixed bag, led by original albums by Bootsy Collins and Aimee Mann, a new volume of A Santa Cause, plus welcome reissues from Peggy Lee and the dB's. Needless to say, I found plenty to get excited about... So, what have I missed? Drop me a line...

Randy Anthony

Afroman A Colt .45 Christmas
- reissue of 2004 CD Jobe Bells
2006 image buy  
Ames Brothers There'll Always Be a Christmas
- Taragon CD reissue of RCA LP
1957 image buy  
Autry, Gene Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
- Harmony LP compiling vintage Columbia recordings
1964 image buy review
  Year-Round Cowboy: Songs For The Whole Year
- companion to Complete Columbia Christmas Recordings
2006 image buy review
Cash, Johnny Country Christmas
- reissue with new cover, restored track listing
1991 image buy review
Charles, Ray Ray Charles with the Voices Jubilation Choir
- his last performance and recording
2006 image buy review
Chipmunks Christmas With the Chipmunks
- 24 tracks from two original Liberty albums
2006 image buy  
Collins, Bootsy Christmas Is 4 Ever 2006 image buy  
Crosby, Bing Bing Crosby's Christmas Classics
- reissue of 1977 Capitol album with restored artwork and added tracks
2006 image buy review
The dB's Christmas Time Again
- reissue of 1993 Chris Stamey CD plus new recordings
2006 image buy review
Denver, John A Christmas Together
- with the Muppets
- 2006 reissue with full track listing
1979 image buy review
  Christmas Like A Lullaby
- 2006 reissue with full track listing
1990 image buy review
Fitzgerald, Ella Ella Fitzgerald's Christmas
- greatly expanded 2006 CD reissue
1967 image buy  
Gayle, Crystal Crystal Christmas
- CD reissue, new cover
1987 image buy  
Gibb, Robin My Favorite Carols 2006 image buy  
Guaraldi, Vince A Charlie Brown Christmas
- remastered with bonus tracks and redesigned cover
2006 image buy review
Hall & Oates Home For Christmas
- initially sold exclusively through Trans World stores
2006 image buy  
Idol, Billy Happy Holidays 2006 image buy  
Jigsaw Seen What About Christmas (EP) 2006 image buy  
Jon B. Holiday Wishes From Me To You 2006 image buy  
Judd, Wynonna A Classic Christmas 2006 image buy  
Knight, Gladys A Christmas Celebration
- with the Saints Unified Voices
2006 image buy review
Lee, Peggy Christmas With Peggy Lee
- 16 songs from variety of sources 1949-1965
2006 image buy  
Love Tractor Before & After Christmas 2006 image buy  
Lyman, Arthur Mele Kalikimaka 1963 image buy review
Manhattan Transfer An Acapella Christmas
- first issued in Japan (2004)
2006 image buy  
Mann, Aimee One More Drifter In The Snow 2006 image buy  
Martin, Dean Christmas With Dino
- same title as 2004 release, with new cover and similar track listing
2006 image buy review
Johnny Mathis 50th Anniversary Christmas Celebration
- companion to 50th Anniversary Celebration
2006 image buy review
McLachlan, Sarah Wintersong 2006 image buy  
Midler, Better Cool Yule 2006 image buy  
Mighty Echoes Doo Wop Around The Christmas Tree 2006 image buy  
Nelson, Willie 20th Century Masters
- reissue of Hill Country Christmas
2006 image buy review
Over The Rhine Snow Angels
- originally sold through the band's website
2006 image buy  
Paisley, Brad Christmas 2006 image buy  
Presley, Elvis Elvis Christmas
- 23 song compilation
2006 image buy review
Rawls, Lou Merry Christmas, Baby
- 20 tracks taken from Capitol and Blue Note sessions
2006 image buy review
  Christmas (Time-Life)
- 14 tracks taken from his last sessions
2006 image buy review
Stevens, Sufjan Songs For Christmas
- recorded 2001-2005
2006 image buy  
Taylor, James James Taylor At Christmas
- Sony reissue of 2005 Hallmark album with new cover and bonus tracks
2006 image buy  
Third Day Christmas Offerings 2006 image buy  
Twisted Sister Twisted Christmas 2006 image buy  
Vincent, Rhonda Beautiful Star: The Christmas Collection 2006 image buy  
Williams, Vanessa 20th Century Masters: Christmas Collection Vol. 2
- reissue of Silver & Gold
2006 image buy  
Willis, Kelly & Robison, Bruce Happy Holidays
- 2006 Rykodisc reissue
2003 image buy  
Soundtrack Stingiest Man in Town
- TV adaptation of Dicken's 'Christmas Carol' with Vic Damone, Johnny Desmond, the Four Lads, and Basil Rathbone
1956 image buy  
  Nightmare Before Christmas
- special edition with bonus disc
2006 image buy  
Various Artists Best of Ultimate Soul Christmas
- highlights from 2-CD set
2006 image buy  
  Canadian Christmas 3 2006 image buy  
  Christmas With The Rat Pack
- new cover on 2002 Sinatra, Martin & Davis compilation
2006 image buy  
  Classic Soul Ballads: Christmas
- adjunct to Time-Life series
2006 image buy  
  Elton John's Christmas Party
- Hip-O 15-track reissue of 21-track album sold exclusively at Starbucks during 2005
2006 image buy  
  How Cool Is That Christmas
- TV personality Rachel Ray compiles decent CD
2006 image buy  
  Now That's What I Call Christmas 3 2006 image buy  
  Redneck Christmas
- country and southern rock from Time-Life
2006 image buy  
  Rhythm and Blues Christmas
- vintage tracks from UK Ace label
2006 image buy  
  A Santa Cause Vol. 2
- second shot of punk & alternative rock
- sold only as download
2006 image buy  
  20th Century Masters: Smooth and Soulful
- part of Universal's extensive reissue series
2006 image buy  
  Ultimate Jazz Christmas
- 13 tracks new and old from Blue Note catalog
2006 image buy  

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