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This index presents a selected discography of the best and/or most important Christmas albums, organized by artist name. (Note there's a separate section for various artists albums.) Whenever possible, the listings are accompanied by links to the album art; to a place to buy the album (usually Amazon); and to my review of the album. Admittedly, the list skews heavily towards my preference for all things that rock, roll, swing, and twang. But, nothing's perfect - especially me and my crazy list. Please send additions, submissions, corrections, criticisms, and suggestions via email .

Dan Band Ho: A Dan Band Christmas 2007 image buy  
Dana, Vic Little Altar Boy & Other Christmas Favorites
- Dolton LP never reissued on CD; reissued as MP3 download in 2011
1967 image buy  
Daniels, Charlie Christmas Time Down South 1990 image buy  
  Merry Christmas To All 2002 image buy  
  Joy To The World: A Bluegrass Christmas
- guests include Aaron Tippin and Kathy Mattea
2009 image buy  
  A Christmas Collection
- 3-CD set with all of the above
2016 image buy  
Darin, Bobby The 25th Day Of December
- original Atco LP
1960 image buy review
  The 25th Day Of December
- Atlantic CD reissue of above with two bonus tracks
1991 image buy review
  Songs For Christmas
- same as CD reissue above with new cover and title
2011 image buy review
  Christmas With Bobby Darin
- 20-track Delta UK CD combines "25th Day of December" with non-Christmas hits
2011 image buy review
  The 25th Day Of December
- Real Gone Music CD reissue of 1960 LP with one bonus track; first-time ever on CD in stereo
2013 image buy review
Davidson, John My Christmas Favorites 1969 image buy  
Davis, Carlene Christmas Reggae Rock 1992 image buy  
Davis, Jimmie It's Christmas Time Again 1964 image buy  
  Going Home For Christmas 1967 image buy  
Davis, Thornetta Remember Love On Christmas Day (EP)
- CD offered only through her website, though title track widely available for download
2009 image buy  
Day, Doris The Doris Day Christmas Album
- original US CD reissue
1964 image buy  
  The Doris Day Christmas Album
- UK CD reissue with bonus tracks
1964 image buy  
  Personal Christmas Collection
- recorded 1946-1964
1994 image buy  
  Complete Christmas Collection
- complete 1964 “Christmas Album” plus many bonus tracks
2008 image buy  
  Complete Christmas Collection
- reissue of above with new cover art and one additional track
2012 image buy  
  Classic Christmas Album
- from the Sony/BMG vaults; nice but pointless considering...
2012 image buy  
Day, Spencer If Christmas Doesn't Kill Me (EP)
- latter-day jazz crooner
2012 image buy  
dB's & Friends Christmas Time Again
- reissue of 1993 Chris Stamey CD minus a few tracks, plus new recordings
2006 image buy review
  Christmas Time Again!
- similar to above, again minus a few tracks, plus new recordings
2015 image buy review
Deadbeat Poets A Deadbeat Christmas (EP) 2011 image buy  
Deadlies A Very Deadlies Christmas
- Northern California surf rock band
2010 image buy  
Dean, Jimmy Jimmy Dean's Christmas Card
- Columbia LP; reissued as MP3 download in 2014
1965 image buy  
  Jimmy Dean's Christmas Card
- CD reissue of above with new cover
1995 image buy  
  Christmas Card: The Complete Columbia Christmas Recordings
- 1965 LP plus bonus tracks
2015 image buy  
  The Complete Columbia Christmas Recordings
- MP3 download with same track listing, different cover art as above
2017 image buy  
Dearie, Blossom Christmas Spice So Very Nice 1996 image buy  
December People Sounds Like Christmas 2001 image buy  
  Rattle & Humbug 2010 image buy  
  December People 3 2012 image buy  
  A Classic Rock Christmas 2015 image buy  
Decker, Jessie James This Christmas 2015 image buy  
DeFrancesco, Joey Home For The Holidays 2014 image buy  
DeLaria, Lea Be A Santa
- professional comedian, actress, jazz vocalist, and lesbian - though not in that order
2010 image buy  
Dell-Vikings It's Christmas Time 2000 image buy  
Denver, John Rocky Mountain Christmas
- original 12-track 1990 RCA CD reissue; reissued on blue vinyl in 2015, white vinyl in 2016
1975 image buy review
  Rocky Mountain Christmas
- 1998 RCA reissue adds 5 bonus tracks
1975 image buy review
  Rocky Mountain Christmas
- 2005 Sony-BMG reissue, 2 bonus tracks, amended cover; also available in DVD edition (2009)
1975 image buy review
  A Christmas Together
- with the Muppets
- 1988 Windstar CD reissue of RCA LP; reissued on vinyl in 2015
1979 image buy review
  A Christmas Together
- 1990 budget reissue, minus 3 songs
1979 image buy review
  A Christmas Together
- 2006 reissue with full track listing
1979 image buy review
  Christmas Like A Lullaby
- original Windstar CD issue
1990 image buy review
  Christmas Like A Lullaby
- 1998 UK reissue, amended cover
1990 image buy review
  Christmas Like A Lullaby
- 1996 US budget reissue, minus 3 songs
- completely new cover art
1990 image buy review
  Christmas Like A Lullaby
- 2006 reissue with full track listing
1990 image buy review
  Christmas In Concert
- recorded in 1996
2001 image buy review
  Christmas EP Live in Hershey, PA, December 6, 1990
- part of a series of live releases from Windstar
2012 image buy review
  The Classic Christmas Album
- from the Sony/BMG vaults; collection from his three holiday albums and more
2012 image buy review
Derringers Winter Wonderland
- guitarist Rick Derringer and family; CD sold through his website, MP3 sold through Amazon
2005 image buy  
Destiny's Child Eight Days Of Christmas
- reissued with bonus dual-disc in 2005
- reissued as budget CD in 2008
2003 image buy  
Detroit, Marcella Happy Holiday
- 4-song EP from Shakespeare's Sister singer
2011 image buy  
  Holiday 2012!!
- two-song EP
2012 image buy  
  For The Holidays
- full-length album includes all tracks from previous EP's
2013 image buy  
DeVol, Frank The Old Sweet Songs of Christmas
- Columbia LP reissued by Real Gone Music
1960 image buy  
Di meola, Al Winter Nights 1999 image buy  
Diamond Rio The Star Still Shines 2007 image buy  
Diamond, Neil The Christmas Album 1992 image buy  
  The Christmas Album, Volume 2 1994 image buy  
  A Cherry Cherry Christmas
- selections from above two plus several new recordings
2009 image buy  
  Classic Christmas Album
- Sony/Legacy compilation from prior holiday releases
2013 image buy  
  Acoustic Christmas 2016 image buy  
Diffie, Joe Mr. Christmas 1995 image buy  
Dillon Fence Christmas (EP)
- 3-track EP with just one Christmas song; also appears on You Sleigh Me!
1991 image buy  
Dino Martinis 50,000,000 Santa Fans Can't Be Wrong! 2000 image buy  
Dion Rock 'n' Roll Christmas
- original 'Born To Run' cover
1993 image buy review
  Rock 'n' Roll Christmas
- same cover photo with Christmas background
1999 image buy review
Dion, Celine These Are Special Times
- also available in DVD edition (2009)
1998 image buy  
  These Are Special Times
- collector's edition of above
2007 image buy  
Dlucks Hood Christmas
- interesting rap tracks interspersed with truly awful ballads; reissued with hilariously inappropriate new cover art in 2016
2009 image buy  
Dodson, Miranda It's Merry Christmas Time (EP)
- singer/songwriter from Austin, Texas; dubbed a "living collection" in 2015 and expanded with two new tracks
2014 image buy  
Doggett, Bill All-Time Christmas Favorites
- 6-song, 10-inch King EP (295-89); considered to be the first-ever R&B Christmas album; all tracks included on Classic Records CD Bill Doggett 1954 (2006)
1955 image buy  
  12 Songs Of Christmas
- 12-inch King LP (395-600) including all the contents of above; listed by some sources as "A Bill Doggett Christmas" (1959); four tracks included on Charles Brown's 1978 CD reissue Please Come Home for Christmas
1958 image buy  
Dollyrots The Xmas Songs (EP)
- digital EP compiling several years of holiday singles
2014 image buy  
Domino, Fats Christmas Is A Special Day 1993 image buy review
  Christmas Gumbo
- same as above with new cover & title
1999 image buy review
  Christmas Is A Special Day
- same as above with new cover & original title
2006 image buy review
Don Tiki Hot Lava Holiday Songs (EP) 2012 image buy  
Don't Call Me Ishmael Festive Treats 2015-2017 (EP)
- compiles the contents of Dark Christmas (2015), A Ruff Christmas (2016), and Big Kid At Christmas (2017)
2017 image buy  
Doucet, Michael Christmas Bayou 1986 image buy  
Douglas, Jerry Jerry Christmas 2009 image buy  
Downing, Will Christmas, Love, And You 2004 image buy  
Dr. Dog Oh My Christmas Tree
- indie rock band from Pennsylvania
2013 image buy  
Drabs Here Comes The Joy (EP) 2015 image buy  
Dramatics A Dramatic Christmas 1997 image buy  
Dread Zeppelin The First No-Elvis
- fan-club EP recorded 1990-1994; released to the general public with new cover in 1995
1994 image buy  
- originally sold exclusively through band's website; released as CD to the general public in 2005, then as download with amended cover in 2006
2002 image buy  

A White Christmas With Bill Pinkney & The Original Drifters
- Ripete recordings that have been repackaged and reissued ad nauseum

1989 image buy  
  A Christmas Album
- featuring Ric Sheppard, who joined the group on 1966
1996 image buy  
  O Holy Night: A Drifters Christmas
- Varese Sarabande CD with more Ripete masters, recorded in 2000
2003 image buy  
  Christmas With The Drifters
- Sony budget reissue of widely circulated latter day recordings
2013 image buy  
Dropkick 25th December (EP) 2010 image buy  
DTCV Noel Interdit (EP)
- pronounced Detective; French-American post-punk band from Los Angeles
2014 image buy  
Dudley, Dave Trucker's Christmas
- German picture-disc LP
1982 image buy  
  Christmas Truck Stop
- CD reissue of above with new title and cover art
2000 image buy  
Duff, Hilary Santa Claus Lane
- reissued 2003 with extra tracks
2002 image buy  
Duover Christmas, Vol. 1 (EP) 2010 image buy  
Duprees Christmas With The Duprees 1998 image buy  
  Duprees Family Christmas
- above two latter-day efforts from vintage white doo wop group
2004 image buy  
Dupri, Jermaine
- with guest artists
Presents 12 Soulful Nights Of Christmas
- reissued with extra track 1998
1996 image buy  
Duvall Oh Holy Night 2004 image buy  
Dyer, Tom Xmas: 30 Years In The Making
- compiled from five previous Green Monkey Records samplers
2013 image buy  
Dylan, Bob Christmas In The Heart
- also available in deluxe edition
2009 image buy  

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