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This index presents a selected discography of the best and/or most important Christmas albums, organized by artist name. (Note there's a separate section for various artists albums.) Whenever possible, the listings are accompanied by links to the album art; to a place to buy the album (usually Amazon); and to my review of the album. Admittedly, the list skews heavily towards my preference for all things that rock, roll, swing, and twang. But, nothing's perfect - especially me and my crazy list. Please send additions, submissions, corrections, criticisms, and suggestions via email .

Eager, Cass & The Mo' Debleys Santa's Got Soul! 2009 image buy  
Earth, Wind & Fire Holiday 2014 image buy  
  The Classic Christmas Album
- same as last year's Holiday plus three rare bonus tracks
2015 image buy  
Edwards, Nokie & The Light Crust Doughboys A Surf 'n Swing Fret 'n String Christmas 2000 image buy  
Einheit & Brotzmann Merry Christmas
- not a Christmas record; live avante garde noise featuring F.M. Einheit (Einsturzende Neubaten) with guitarist Casper Brotzmann
1995 image buy  
El Orbits Holiday Album 2003 image buy  
El Vez Merry MeX-mas 1994 image buy review
- UK reissue of above with new title and cover, amended track listing
2000 image buy review
  Sno-Way Jose 2002 image buy review
Elfs With Attitude Christmas Album (12 Alternative Xmas Songs) 2014 image buy  
Ellis, Pee Wee The Spirit Of Christmas
- guests include fellow James Brown alumnus Fred Wesley
2014 image buy  
Emerson Lake & Palmer I Believe In Father Christmas (EP)
- recorded 1972-1995
1995 image buy  
Emerson, Keith

The Christmas Album

1988 image buy  
Emmanuel, Tommy All I Want For Christmas
- Australian guitarist associated with Chet Atkins
2011 image buy  
  Christmas Memories 2016 image buy  
Emmy the Great & Tim Wheeler This Is Christmas
- London-based singer-songwriter Emma-Lee Moss with member of English band Ash
2011 image buy  
En Vogue Gift Of Christmas 2002 image buy  

Oiche Chiun (Silent Night) (EP)

1992 image buy  

The Christmas EP
- includes two songs from above

1994 image buy  
  Christmas Secrets (EP)
- four tracks, import only; also included with special 2006 editions of Amarantine (2005)
2006 image buy  
  NBC Sounds Of The Season: The Enya Collection (EP)
- 6 tracks, including all above; initially sold exclusively at Target stores
2006 image buy  
  And Winter Came 2008 image buy  
Erasure Snow Globe
- deluxe version available at
2013 image buy  
Esquivel The Merriest of Christmas Pops
- 6 of 12 tracks by Ray Martin
1959 image buy review
  Merry Xmas From The Space-Age Bachelor Pad
- recorded 1959-1962
1996 image buy review
Estefan, Gloria Christmas Through Your Eyes 1993 image buy  
Etheridge, Melissa A New Thought for Christmas
- includes her 2004 single "Christmas in America"
2008 image buy  
  A New Thought For Christmas
- deluxe edition with DVD and amended cover
2009 image buy  
Eux Autres Another Christmas At Home (EP)
- originally released on CD, then on red vinyl in 2009, then as MP3 download in 2010
2006 image buy  
Evans, Faith A Faithful Christmas 2005 image buy  
Evans, Sarah I'll Be Home For Christmas (EP) 2009 image buy  
  At Christmas
- includes 3 of 4 tracks from above; CD available for a limited time only
2014 image buy  
Everly Brothers Christmas With The Everly Brothers And The Boys Town Choir
- Warner Brothers LP reissued on CD by Rhino Records
1962 image buy review
  Christmas With The Everly Brothers And The Boys Town Choir
- reissued on CD by Friday Music
1962 image buy review
Evil Beaver Smells Like Christmas Spirit (EP) 1999 image buy  
  Still... Smells Like Christmas Spirit
- includes title track from above
2001 image buy  
Ewing, Skip Following Yonder Star 1995 image buy  
Exile Wrapped Up In Your Arms for Christmas 2016 image buy  

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