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This index presents a selected discography of the best and/or most important Christmas albums, organized by artist name. (Note there's a separate section for various artists albums.) Whenever possible, the listings are accompanied by links to the album art; to a place to buy the album (usually Amazon); and to my review of the album. Admittedly, the list skews heavily towards my preference for all things that rock, roll, swing, and twang. But, nothing's perfect - especially me and my crazy list. Please send additions, submissions, corrections, criticisms, and suggestions via email .

T. Rex Christmas Box
- Japanese gift package with postcard, t-shirt, and 6-track CD compilation 1969-1976 including Marc Bolan's 'Christmas Bop'
1989 image buy  
  Christmas Box '90
- new edition of above with digital watch and two added tracks
1990 image buy  
  Christmas Album
- CD from above boxes with one added track
1991 image buy  
Take 6 He Is Christmas 1991 image buy  
  We Wish You a Merry Christmas 1999 image buy  
  The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year 2010 image buy  
Talvik, Sofia When Winter Comes: A Christmas Album
- compiles annual holiday singles 2006-2017 plus new recordings; vinyl and more available at Bandcamp
2017 image buy  
Taylor, James A Christmas Album
- originally sold only at Hallmark stores
2004 image buy  
  James Taylor At Christmas
- Sony release of above with new cover and bonus tracks
2006 image buy  
  James Taylor at Christmas
- new Universal edition of above with two new tracks
2012 image buy  
Taylor, Meagan & Coleman, Jason A Tennessee Christmas
- Taylor is Chet Atkins' niece; Coleman is Floyd Cramer's grandson
2013 image buy  
Taylor, Sam "The Man" Sam Taylor In Christmas
- Japanese-only LP of uncertain origin; Taylor is an American R&B and jazz saxophonist who, later in his career, recorded often in Japan
1965 image buy  
Temptations Christmas Card 1970 image buy review
  Give Love At Christmas 1980 image buy review
  Christmas Card/Give Love At Christmas
- two-on-one CD reissue of above
1986 image buy review
  Christmas Hits Back-To-Back
- budget CD compilation with the Supremes
1995 image buy review
  Christmas Celebration
- 15 songs selected from two original albums
2000 image buy review
  Best Of Temptations Christmas
- 12 songs selected from two original albums
2001 image buy review
  20th Century Masters: Christmas Collection
- same as above with new cover & title
2003 image buy review
  Christmas & Hits Duos
- slipcase with Give Love At Christmas plus Ultimate Collection (1997)
2008 image buy review
  Merry Christmas
- European compilation packaged in vintage Motown style
2009 image buy review
Texas Gypsies Every Kind Of Christmas 2008 image buy  
Therapy Sisters Codependent Christmas 1998 image buy  
They Might Be Giants Holidayland (EP)
- recorded 1988-2001
2001 image buy  
Third Day Christmas Offerings 2006 image buy  
.38 Special Wild-Eyed Christmas Night
- reissued several times with no changes in track listing or artwork
2001 image buy  
- budget CD combines tracks from above with Lynyrd Skynyrd's Christmas Time Again (2000)
2002 image buy  
  20th Century Masters: Christmas Collection
- repackaged version of "Wild-Eyed Christmas Night"
2008 image buy  
Thomas, B.J. All Is Calm, All Is Bright...
- reissued on CD in 2016 by Friday Music in tandem with 1983 gospel album "Love Shines"
1985 image buy  
  Scenes Of Christmas 1995 image buy  
  Sounds Of Christmas
- same as above with new title and cover
1998 help! buy  
  Christmas Is Coming Home 1997 image buy  
  That Christmas Feeling
- same as above with new title and cover; includes extra songs and DVD
2005 image buy  
  Home for Christmas
- budget-priced CD with selections from previous albums plus new tracks
2007 image buy  
  Hooked On Christmas
- reissue of That Christmas Feeling (2005)
2012 image buy  
  Christmas Live
- Sony budget reissue of That Christmas Feeling (2005), minus several tracks
2013 image buy  
  O Holy Night (EP) 2014 image buy  
Thomas, Rosie A Very Rosie Christmas 2008 image buy  
Thompson, Hank It's Christmas Time
- CD issued by Sundazed; reissued as MP3 album by Capitol
1964 image buy  
Thorn, Tracy Tinsel and Lights
- Everything But the Girl singer
2012 image buy  
Three Degrees Christmas With The Three Degrees
- 16-track Castle/Sanctuar​y album including "Last Christmas,​" originally issued as by Alien Voices featuring Three Degrees (1998)
1999 image buy  
  3° Christmas Collection
- 12-track budget reissue of above
2000 image buy  
  Christmas With The Three Degrees
- reissue of 1999 album, same title, redesigned cover, different running order
2003 image buy  
3 Doors Down Where My Christmas Lives 2009 image buy  
3LW Naughty Or Nice 2002 image buy  
Three Stooges The Three Stooges Sing Six Happy Yuletide Songs (EP)
- original Golden Records 7-inch EP
1959 image buy  
  Christmas Time With The Three Stooges
- Rhino 12-inch reissue of above with new cover & title
1983 image buy  
  Christmas Time With The Three Stooges
- MP3 reissue of above with slightly different tracks; CD version followed in 2011
2005 image buy  
Three Suns Your Christmas Favorites
- RCA album released in 10-inch LP, 78, and 45 formats
1949 image buy  
  Christmas Party
- RCA album released in LP and 45 formats
1952 image buy  
  Christmas Songs
- 7-inch EP with ornament-shaped cover, selections from both above
1953 image buy  
  Sounds of Christmas
- RCA LP with snow scene painting, same cover used for a 7-inch EP
1955 image buy  
  Sounds of Christmas
- same catalog number as above with city scene photo cover (release date uncertain)
1955 image buy  
  Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
- 7-inch EP taken from above
1955 image buy  
  White Christmas
- 7-inch EP also taken from 'Sounds Of Christmas'
1955 image buy  
  A Ding Dong Dandy Christmas!
- RCA 'Living Stereo' LP
1959 image buy  
  Sound of Christmas
- Camden reissue of 'Sounds Of Christmas' with new cover, slightly different title, reprocessed stereo (release date uncertain)
1960 image buy  
  Sound of Christmas
- same as above, reissued by Pickwick/Camden with new cover
1980 image buy  
Tiki Joe's Ocean Christmas With Tiki Joe's Ocean
- available through the band's website
2009 image buy  
  Christmas With Tiki Joe's Ocean Vol. 2
- available through DigiTiki
2016 image buy  
Tillis, Pam Just In Time for Christmas 2006 image buy  
Tillotson, Johnny Christmas Touch
- original MGM LP
1966 image buy  
  Christmas Touch
- Varese Sarabande reissue of above with updated cover and bonus track
1998 image buy  
Time Pools
- aka Indigo
San Francisco Bay Blue Christmas 2001 image buy  
  Country Christmas 2005 image buy  
  Christmas In Central Park 2006 image buy  
  Cool Yule 2009 image buy  
Timmons, Bobby Holiday Soul 1964 image buy  
Tin Idols Metal Kalikimaka Vol. 1
- collective of rock musicians from Hawaii
2014 image buy  
  Metal Kalikimaka Vol. 2 2015 image buy  
Tiny Tim Tiny Tim's Christmas Album 1996 image buy  
Tippin, Aaron A December To Remember 2001 image buy  
TLC Sleigh Ride (EP)
- seven mixes of two songs from 1992 and 1993, mostly heretofore promo-only and/or unreleased
2017 image buy  
TobyMac Christmas In Diverse City
- former member of Christian rap group DC Talk; MP3 listed separately; later issued as part of 3-CD Christmas Gift Pack (2013)
2011 image buy  
Tony! Toni! TonÉ! Coolin' At Christmas With 3T (EP) 1990 image buy  
Torme, Mel Christmas Songs
- the first and only Christmas album from the composer of 'The Christmas Song'
1992 image buy  
Toussaint, Allen A New Orleans Christmas
- with many guest artists
1997 image buy  
Town Pipers Christmas Greetings From The Town Pipers
- MP3 download only
1959 image buy  
Tractors Have Yourself A Tractors Christmas 1995 image buy  
  The Big Night 2002 image buy  
Tracy, Jill Silver Smoke: Star of Night
- gothic chanteuse on Projekt Records
2012 image buy  
Train Christmas In Tahoe 2015 image buy  
  Christmas In Tahoe (Deluxe Edition)
- five additional tracks, ever-so-slightly amended cover art
2017 image buy  
Trammps Christmas With The Trammps 2003 image buy  
  Soul Christmas With The Trammps
- reissue of above with new title and cover
2008 image buy  
  A Tramps Christmas
- reissue of above with new title and cover
2009 image buy  
  This Christmas With The Trammps
- reissue of above with new title and cover
2010 image buy  
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Eve and Other Stories 1996 image buy  
  The Christmas Attic 1998 image buy  
  The Lost Christmas Eve 2004 image buy  
  The Christmas Trilogy
- boxed set containing above three plus The Ghosts Of Christmas Eve DVD
2004 image buy  
  Dreams Of Fireflies (On A Christmas Night) (EP) 2012 image buy  
  The Ghosts Of Christmas Eve
- soundtrack of 2001 PBS special and DVD, newly issued on CD
2016 image buy  
Travis, Randy An Old-Time Christmas 1989 image buy  
  Songs Of The Season 2007 image buy  
Travolta, John & Olivia Newton-John This Christmas
- Danny and Sandy from Grease are back performing holiday songs to benefit their favorite charities (autism and cancer research, respectively)
2012 image buy  
Trio West Trio West Plays Holiday Songs 2007 image buy  
  Trio West Plays Holiday Songs Vol. 2 2009 image buy  
Tritt, Travis Christmas - Loving Time Of The Year 1992 image buy  
Trout Fishing In America Merry Fishes to All 2004 image buy  
Tubb, Ernest Sing A Song Of Christmas
- 4-disc (78- and 45-rpm) box split with Red Foley, recorded 1949-1950; reissued as 10-inch LP in 1953
1950 image buy  
  Sing A Song Of Christmas Vol. 1
- 4-song, 7-inch Decca EP with Tubb's tracks from above; companion to similar Red Foley EP
1953 image buy  
  Blue Christmas
- includes early Decca singles, most, if not all, in reprocessed stereo
1964 image buy  
  Merry Texas Christmas, You All!
- comprehensive compilation of Decca sides sold exclusively at the Ernest Tubb Record Shop
2002 image buy  
Tumatoe, Duke It's Christmas (Let's Have Sex) 2001 image buy  
Tunstall, KT NBC Sounds Of The Season: The KT Tunstall Holiday Collection
- initially sold exclusively at Target stores
2007 image buy  
  Have Yourself A Very KT Christmas (EP)
- reissue of above
2010 image buy  
Twilley, Dwight Have A Twilley Christmas (EP) 2004 image buy review
  Have A Twilley Christmas
- same as above remastered & expanded to 10 tracks
2005 image buy review
  Have A Twilley Christmas
- same as above expanded to 16 tracks
2009 image buy review
Twisted Sister Twisted Christmas 2006 image buy  

A Twisted Xmas: Live In Las Vegas
- half Christmas songs, half heavy metal hits

2012 image buy  
Twitty, Conway Merry Twismas
- Warner Brothers LP
1983 image buy  
  Merry Twismas
- Conway estate CD reissue of above with new cover
1994 image buy  
Tycoons Is It Christmas Yet? 1998 image buy  

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