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This index presents a selected discography of the best and/or most important Christmas albums, organized by artist name. (Note there's a separate section for various artists albums.) Whenever possible, the listings are accompanied by links to the album art; to a place to buy the album (usually Amazon); and to my review of the album. Admittedly, the list skews heavily towards my preference for all things that rock, roll, swing, and twang. But, nothing's perfect - especially me and my crazy list. Please send additions, submissions, corrections, criticisms, and suggestions via email .

Unfortunates A Very Unfortunate Christmas (EP)
- just two songs; released on CD the following year
2013 image buy  
Universal Honey Can't Stop Thinking About Christmas 2003 image buy  
Vale, Jerry Christmas Greetings From Jerry Vale
- reissued as MP3 download in 2014
1964 image buy  
  Christmas Greetings From Jerry Vale
- CD reissue of above with new cover
1995 image buy  
  Personal Christmas Collection
- all of above plus three tracks
1995 image buy  
  Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
- all of above plus one additional track
2004 image buy  
Valli, Frankie 'Tis The Seasons
- produced by Bob Gaudio with guest guitarist Jeff Beck
2016 image buy  
Vamps The Christmas EP 2015 image buy  
Vance, Vince & The Valients All I Want for Christmas Is You
- title song originally released as single in 1989; sung by Lisa Layne (aka "Vickie Valientette") who released her own version in 2006; reissued with new cover in 1995
1993 image buy  
Vandals Christmas With The Vandals: Oi To The World! 1996 image buy  
  Christmas With The Vandals: Oi To The World!
- reissued with new cover
2000 image buy  
Vandross, Luther This Is Christmas 1995 image buy  
  This Is Christmas
- same as above remastered & repackaged
2004 image buy  
  This Is Christmas
- budget reissue of above, restored cover
2007 image buy  
  Home For Christmas
- budget CD including 6 songs from above
2001 image buy  
  The Classic Christmas Album
- from the Sony/BMG vaults; includes all of "This Is Christmas" (1995)
2012 image buy  
Vara-Tones Have Yourself A "Vara" Merry Christma
- vintage 60's instrumental surf band who re-formed in the 1990's
2011 image buy  
Vaughn, Billy Christmas Carols
- Dot LP, reissued with three different covers (not sure when...)
1958 image buy  
  Have Yourself A Merry, Merry Christmas
- Dot LP
1968 image buy  
  Christmas Songs
- Mistletoe LP, all new recordings, though most titles appear on 1958 Dot LP; reissued on the Holiday label in 1980 and countless times since, including below
1978 image buy  
  Christmas Songs
- Passport CD, same as above with new cover
2005 image buy  
  Christmas Songs
- Essential CD and MP3, same as above with new cover employing picture from back of original Mistletoe LP
2012 image buy  
Vee, Bobby Merry Christmas From Bobby Vee 1962 image buy review
  The Christmas Album
- Sunset Records reissue of above with new cover art and two fewer tracks
1967 image buy review
  Merry Christmas From Bobby Vee
- UK 2-for-1 CD reissue paired with "Wonderful World of Bobby Vee' (1962)
2002 image buy review
Ventures The Ventures' Christmas Album
- original Dolton LP; reissued on CD by Capitol in 1990 and by Razor & Tie in 1995; reissued as MP3 download by Capitol in 2008; reissued on 180 gram vinyl by Sundazed in 2010; reissued on CD with mono and stereo versions by Real Gone Music in 2016
1965 image buy review
  The Ventures In Christmas
- Japanese reissue of above with bonus track
1999 image buy review
  Christmas Joy
- all new recordings
2002 image buy review
  Guitar Christmas
- UK reissue of above with new cover and title
2003 image buy review
  The Ventures' Christmas Album
- Japanese reissue of original 1965 album in both stereo and mono mixes, with new cover



image buy review
Venus Envy I'll Be A Homo For Christmas
- includes singer-songwriter Laura Love
1988 image buy  
Very Most Snow Covered (EP)
- indie pop band from Boise, Idaho; CD with different cover available through Bandcamp
2011 image buy  
Vibeke From All Of Me (EP) 2008 image buy  
Vincent, Rhonda Beautiful Star: The Christmas Collection 2006 image buy  
  Christmas Time 2015 image buy  
Vinton, Bobby A Very Merry Christmas
- original Epic album
1964 image buy  
  A Very Merry Christmas
- 1995 CD reissue of above with different cover
1964 image buy  
  Santa Must Be Polish and Other Christmas Sounds of Today (EP)
- five new songs for Tapestry label
1987 image buy  
  Great Songs Of Christmas
- Curb album with five new songs plus all five from 1987 EP
1990 image buy  
  Kissin' Christmas
- six songs from 1964 album, five from 1987 EP, plus new title track
1995 image buy  
  A Very Merry Christmas: The Complete Epic Christmas Collection
- 1964 LP plus bonus tracks
2015 image buy  
  The Complete Epic Christmas Collection
- MP3 download with new cover art but exact same track listing as above
2017 image buy  
Vinx Little Drummer Boy 2001 image buy  
Viola, Mike & The Candy Butchers Let's Get Christmas (EP) 1999 image buy  

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