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This index presents a selected discography of the best and/or most important various artist Christmas albums, organized by album name. Whenever possible, the listings are accompanied by links to the album art; to a place to buy the album (usually Amazon); and to my review of the album. Admittedly, the list skews heavily towards my preference for all things that rock, roll, swing, and twang. But, nothing's perfect - especially me and my crazy list. Please send additions, submissions, corrections, criticisms, and suggestions via email .

Acoustic Christmas
- adult alternative recordings on Columbia Records
1990 image buy review
Alfred Burt Christmas Carols Golden Anniversary Collection
- popular artists perform songs by writer of "Star Carol" and "Caroling, Caroling"
2009 image buy  
Alice Cooper's Taste Of Christmas Pudding 2005-2011 2012 image buy  
Alice Cooper's Taste Of Christmas Pudding 2012 (EP)
- same cover art as above
2012 image buy  
Alice Cooper's Taste Of Christmas Pudding 2013 2013 image buy  
Alice Cooper's Taste Of Christmas Pudding 2014 2014 image buy  
Alice Cooper's Taste Of Christmas Pudding 2015 2015 image buy  
Alice Cooper's Taste Of Christmas Pudding 2016
- above albums spotlight annual concerts dating back to 2001, benefiting Cooper's Solid Rock foundation and Phoenix's Rock Teen Center
2016 image buy  
All Is Bright
- Amazon exclusive playlist featuring all-new recordings by female vocalists
2014 image buy  
All-Star Christmas
- mixed bag of 17 superstar Christmas songs on Epic Records
2000 image buy  
All-Star Country Christmas (Capitol)
- 2-LP, 20-song collection of vintage recordings
1970 image buy  
All-Star Country Christmas (Hip-O)
- contemporary collection from Universal catalog imprint
1999 image buy  
All-Star Salute To Christmas
- oddball collection of artists (Iggy Pop, Donna Fargo) compiled by Cleopatra Records
2009 image buy  
All Wrapped Up 2008 image buy  
All Wrapped Up Vol. 2
- above two are Target exclusives featuring youth-oriented artists like the Jonas Brothers
2009 image buy  
Alligator Records Christmas Collection 1992 image buy  
Alligator Records Genuine Houserockin' Christmas
- above two original recordings from the Chicago-based blues label
2003 image buy  
Alligator Stomp Vol. 4: Cajun Christmas
- part of a 5-volume cajun/zydeco series on Rhino Records
1992 image buy  
Alternative Christmas (Alternative Addiction)
- MP3 download, mainly obscure indie bands
2008 image buy  
Alternative Christmas (Crimson)
- 2-CD collection from Demon-distributed UK label
2014 image buy  
Alternative Rock Xmas
- Capitol catalog spanning 25 years; initially sold exclusively at Best Buy
2007 image buy  
American Song-Poem Christmas
- collection of professional songs written to amateurs lyrics
2003 image buy  
Americana Christmas
- new and vintage recordings of American roots music
2014 image buy  
And They Killed Christmas
- novelties and oddities 1968-2015; subtitled "the official holiday album for the demented, dejected, and depressed..."
2016 image buy  
Annapolis Christmas 1998 image buy  
Annapolis Christmas II 1999 image buy  
Annapolis Christmas Live
- recorded live December 16-17, 2008
- above three sprung from long-running annual concert at Ram’s Head Tavern in Annapolis, Maryland and led to founding of Annapolis Musicians Fund for Musicians (AMFM)
2009 image buy  
Another Christmas Gift For You From Sonic Trout Records
- alternative rock tribute to and parody of famous Phil Spector LP
2004 image buy  
An Asian Man Christmas (EP)
- California indie label's brief MP3 compilation
2011 image buy  
Austin Christmas Collection Vol. 1 1981 image buy review
Austin Christmas Collection Vol. 2 1983 image buy review
Austin Christmas Collection Vol. 3
- above three issued locally in Austin, Texas, by Felicity Records; highlights collected on CD as Texas Christmas Collection (1992)
1984 image buy review
Austin Rhythm & Blues Christmas
- original LP issued by Austin Records
1983 image buy review
Austin Rhythm & Blues Christmas
- LP reissued with new cover by Epic Records in 1986; reissued on CD in 1994; CD remastered in 2001
1986 image buy review
Average Joe's Muddy Christmas
- collection of "hick hop" or "redneck rap"
2012 image buy  
Awesome 80's Christmas
- truth in advertising... TV album, I presume
2008 image buy  

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