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This index presents a selected discography of the best and/or most important various artist Christmas albums, organized by album name. Whenever possible, the listings are accompanied by links to the album art; to a place to buy the album (usually Amazon); and to my review of the album. Admittedly, the list skews heavily towards my preference for all things that rock, roll, swing, and twang. But, nothing's perfect - especially me and my crazy list. Please send additions, submissions, corrections, criticisms, and suggestions via email .

Garage Band Christmas Vol. 1
- reissued in 2010 with slightly different track listing and revised cover
2008 image buy  
Garage Band Christmas Vol. 2 2008 image buy  
Garage Band Christmas Vol. 3
- above three feature veterans of Badfinger, Nazz, Shadows of Knight, Human Beinz, and others; part of an ongoing series on Collectables Records
2011 image buy  
Get Thee Behind Me, Santa
- twee pop from UK indie Puppy Dog Records
2002 image buy  
Ghosts Of Christmas Past
- 13-track LP; "Chantons Noël" from Belgian avant pop label Les Disques Du Crépuscule
1981 image buy  
Ghosts Of Christmas Past (Remake)
- 13-track LP, 14-track cassette; second edition of above with eight new songs, plus highlights from previous edition and new cover art
1982 image buy  
Ghosts Of Christmas Past
- 14-track LP; third edition of above with three new songs, plus highlights from previous editions and new cover art
1986 image buy  
Ghosts Of Christmas Past
- 18-track CD; fourth edition of above with two new songs, plus highlights from previous editions and cover art derived from original edition
1988 image buy  
Ghosts Of Christmas Past
- 20-track CD; fifth edition of above; strictly highlights from previous editions; cover art updated from original edition
2007 image buy  
Ghosts Of Christmas Past
- 35-track, 2-CD set; sixth edition of above; most (but not all) tracks from previous editions plus additional new and vintage recordings; cover art reproduced from 1982 'remake' edition
2015 image buy  
Giant Country Christmas
- mainstream country from Warner-affiliated label
1994 image buy  
Gift That Keeps Giving
- Demon/Crimson compilation of alternative holiday songs
2014 image buy  
Gift Of Christmas Vol. 1 1997 image buy  
Gift Of Christmas Vol. 2
- above two budget pop/rock albums from BMG Special Products
1998 image buy  
Gift Rapping: The Select Best
- hit-laden LP from pioneer hip-hop label Select Records; features just one Christmas song: Whistle's "Santa Is A B-Boy"
1986 image buy  
Gift Wrapped: : 20 Songs That Keep On Giving 2009 image buy  
Gift Wrapped II: Snowed In 2010 image buy  
Gift Wrapped 3: A Holiday Smörgåsbord
- above three grab bag of styles from the Warner catalog; download only
2015 image buy  
Gimme Some Santa
- 4-track, 7-inch colored vinyl EP from Cleveland's Scat Records
1990 image buy  
Girlfriend Xmas
- pop/rock compilation from Extreme Music
2011 image buy  
The Glam That Stole Christmas
- latter-day hair metal from Perris Records
2004 image buy  
Glenn a. Baker's Christmas Crackers
- great 2-CD compilation by legendary Aussie writer and collector
2010 image buy  
God Rest Ye Merry Jazzmen
- modern jazz from Columbia Records
1981 image buy  
Gonna Have A Really... Soulful Christmas
- 2-CD, 50-track collection from Hoodoo Records
2014 image buy  
Gospel Christmas Card
- 17 tracks from three artists including the Staple Singers' complete album, 'The Twenty-fifth Day Of December' (1962)
1993 image buy  
Gospel Christmas Hits
- fine collection of black gospel by Fuel 2000
2004 image buy  
Gotta Love The Holidays
- star-studded, 10-track collection benefits the Larry King Cardiac Foundation
2003 image buy  
Grand Old Christmas
- Sony budget CD of obscure vintage country music; especially notable for rare Bob Wills track
1995 image buy  
Grand Ole Christmas
- modern country recordings on Rejoice Music of Nashville; notable mainly for tracks by Charlie Louvin, Tommy Cash, Ernest Ashworth, and the Whites
2005 image buy  
Green Monkey Records: It's A Green Monkey Christmas!
- combines elements from Santa's Not Dead: It's a Green Monkey Christmas! (2009) and Hot Dog! It’s Another Green Monkey Christmas! (2010), both out-of-print
2013 image buy  
Green Monkey Records: It Crawled Down the Chimney - It's Another Green Monkey X-mas! 2011 image buy  
Green Monkey Records: Frothing the ‘Nog - Ye Fourth Green Monkey Xmas 2012 image buy  
Green Monkey Records Presents Merry Krampus 2013 image buy  
Green Monkey Records: Christmas Monkey On My Back - GMR Xmas 6 2015 image buy  
Green Monkey Records: All I Want For Christmas - GMR Xmas VII 2016 image buy  
Green Monkey Records: The Good, The Bad, and Other Christmas Favorites! Ye Olde GMR Christmas #8
- all above released by Seattle-based indie label run by musician Tom Dyer; the label helped the local scene bridge the gap between punk and grunge from 1983 to 1991 (see It Crawled From the Basement: The Green Monkey Records Anthology) and was reactivated in 2008
2017 image buy  

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