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Another holiday season is upon us, and I still have hundreds of Christmas albums stacked on my desk crying for attention. I suspect I may never catch up. This year's new releases, however, haven't added much to the pile - so far.

What's New?I say "so far" because the movement of the music industry from CD to MP3 means that many of the best holiday releases are being released later than ever. Some of last year's best Christmas albums - the Pretenders' Holiday EP, the Raveonettes' Wishing You A Rave Christmas, A Cameo Parkway Holiday Hits, and A Blackheart Christmas - were released only in the digital format and came out during the second half of November. Christmas With Weezer didn't arrive until December 16. In the old days, Christmas albums were announced in June and arrived in stores around September!

Which is to say, the best may be yet to come. As for now, the big news - by a long shot - is that Bob Dylan, the almighty scribe of rock and a card-carrying Jew, has waxed a Christmas album: Christmas In The Heart (look and listen). Hell, apparently, has frozen over, but the results - perhaps predictably - are less than impressive, even a little creepy. No big deal, though, since the proceeds benefit a charity - Feeding America - and any serious fan of either Dylan or Christmas music must buy one. (Loyal readers may recall that Dylan is mentioned as one of the "Jews We Wish Would Release A Christmas Record" on my Christmas list, Jews For Jesus. Be careful what you wish for....)

Bob DylanNew Albums. A goodly number of superstars other than Dylan released Christmas records this year - none of whom I care much about (anymore, at least). These include Tori Amos, Neil Diamond, Michael McDonald, REO Speedwagon, and Sting. Releases by Barry Manilow and Aretha Franklin, I should point out, fall into the "almost new" category; each had been previously released under exclusive arrangements with Hallmark and Borders, respectively.

Like most years, 2009 brings a few surprises - albums by artists you'd never have guessed would stoop (ahem) to record a Christmas album. Arguably, Dylan and Amos fall into this category, as do jazz mama Carla Bley, soul daddy Swamp Dogg, and alternative siren A Fine Frenzy (a Target exclusive). And former Judas Priest screamer Rob Halford - whodda thunk? In his defense, this is not the leather-clad rocker's first holiday record; his band Fight recorded a single, "Christmas Ride," in 1994 (which, for a limited time, Halford is offering for free at his website).

My pick for Christmas album of the year, though, will likely be Yuletide Beat by Los Straitjackets, a band that bills themself, rightly enough, as "America's Instrumental Rock & Roll Combo." You can download the whole thing at Amazon right now. To nab one of the very limited edition CD or vinyl copies, you'll need to hurry to the band's website and place your order.

Los StraitjacketsOn the "various artists" front (always a crowded battlefield) I recommend Hope For The Holidays: Rockin' Christmas For A Cure which features Weezer, the Beach Boys, and the Cowsills and benefits the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Sadly, I cannot recommend the latest installment of A Very Special Christmas which benefits the Special Olympics. Great cause, lame album.

In the (also crowded) competition for this year's most unintentionally funny Christmas album, I nominate two candidates (plus the Bob Dylan album). First, there's An All-Star Salute To Christmas - a genuinely oddball collection of artists (Iggy Pop, Donna Fargo, Bay City Rollers) compiled by Cleopatra Records (apparently while stoned). Second, I present Hanukkah Gone Metal by the Gods Of Fire - which simply must be heard to be believed (and serves as a handy counterpoint to last year's "Jingle Bells" by Austrian Death Machine). For intentionally funny (and sexy), take a listen to Chevonne's Unwrap Me.

Reissues. This year brings no shortage of reissued Christmas classics - many quite fine, but none that qualify as really big news. The Beach Boys' Christmas Harmonies represents merely another iteration of their thoroughly hashed-over catalog. Much the same can be said for Ray Charles' Christmas Spirit, Nat King Cole's Christmas Song, the Jackson 5's Ultimate Christmas Collection, and Dean Martin's My Kind Of Christmas as well as collections like The Ultimate Motown Christmas and A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector.

MxPxI love all that stuff dearly. If you do, too, chances are high that you've already purchased this music - maybe more than once. But, it's great that it's back.

Much better - for old punk rawkers like me, at least - is Punk Rawk Christmas, an MP3 compilation of previously rare fan club singles by Christian band MxPx. This loud, tuneful band has released some of the best Christmas music of the last 10 years - but only to their (ahem) faithful fans (read more). Punk Rawk Christmas finally makes these songs - plus a few new ones - easily available to heathens like us. (Late in the season, a limited edition CD with extra tracks went on sale through the band's website, and CD-R became available through Amazon.) In a similar vein, British garage rock label Damaged Goods has compiled A Damaged Christmas Gift For You - also highly recommended.

To fans of relatively normal music, the most widely anticipated reissue is the soundtrack to The Christmas Story, the celebrated 1983 family comedy. Be warned, however, it's just a bunch of incidental movie music - yawn - and not the popular Christmas classics featured in the film. And, technically, it's not a reissue since it was never issued in the first place.... For me, the most welcome return is Christmas On The Range: Cowboy Classics From Capitol Records, a sterling collection of country music out-of-print for many years. Used copies of the CD had been fetching more than $50, but it's now available again - relatively cheap. Unfortunately, the CD version (issued through Green Hill Records) is trimmed to just 15 tracks with new cover art and minimal liner notes; the MP3 version (from Capitol) has the original 20 tracks and cover art but (of course) no booklet whatsoever.

Christmas On The Range(A couple of consumer notes: First, the Phil Spector reissue is also available on vinyl through Sundazed Records. Second, the long-awaited Blues, Blues Christmas Vol. 2 - two discs of fabulous obscurities - is proving hard-to-find, but I ordered and received a copy directly from the label, UK-based Document Records.)

Even more music is back via MP3 download. Albums by Charles Aznavour, June Christy, The Lettermen, Dean Martin, Al Martino, and Bobby Vee make their digital debut. Even better, a couple of much-beloved trash classics by the Mistletoe Disco Band are available for the first time in any format since their original release during the twilight of disco fever in the 1970's. But, to repeat what I said last year, the trend towards reissuing lost classics as MP3 downloads seems to be sputtering. In my view, the record labels are idly sitting on a gold mine. The time has come to open the vaults!

Singles. Thanks to the profusion of MP3 releases, keeping up with the Christmas singles scene has become virtually impossible. Frankly, it's become too easy to put out music - any dweeb with a computer can do it (and most do). That said, the season has already produced a couple gems and (as discussed above) many more will most assuredly arrive as December 25th approaches.

  • (I Wanna Go) Surfin' with Santa! by The Hollyberries
    This irresistible, effervescent piece of pop is the essentially a pseudonymous release by The Little Girls, an L.A. band featuring singing sisters Caron and Michele Murray along with Kip Brown, who wrote, arranged, and produced the track.
  • Cold Dark Night by Sam Phillips
    In case you haven't heard of her, Phillips is a widely respected alternative singer/songwriter and wife of award-winning musician and producer T-Bone Burnett. Her dark, acoustic ditty is part of a Christmas EP that you can only get by forking over $52 for The Long Play, a year-long project that will yield five EP's and an album - all exclusive for subscribers.
  • Merry Xmas by X
    Yes, the legendary Los Angeles-based punk rock band X has released a Christmas (er, Xmas) single. The download-only package consists of two exceedingly predictable selections - "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" and "Jingle Bells" - that nevertheless sound like vintage X. "Santa Claus," in fact, kicks off with the unforgettable riff from the group's disaffected classic "Los Angeles." Great fun, but an original song would have been better.
  • It's Christmas Once Again by Ronnie Spector
    The sultry Ms. Spector has a bit of a legacy as a singer of holiday songs (read more), and this track is a cover of a sentimental song recorded several times in the 50's and 60's - by Tommy Edwards, Jimmie Rodgers, and Frankie Lymon (who, as chronicled in her biography, once assaulted Spector in a drunken rage). "It's Christmas Once Again" is a bonus track on the brand new reissue of her 2006 album, The Last Of The Rock Stars, but so far it is only available to download at her website - i.e. not iTunesor Amazon.
  • A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like A Kiss) by Glasvegas
    This ambient ditty is the title track to these Scottish hipsters' six-song digital EP (released last year but newly available in America), which also features weird take on "Silent Night" and a tiding of comfort and joy called "Fuck You, It's Over." Just to be certain, the track pays veiled tribute to the Crystals' infamous song "He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)" (1962), written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King and produced by Phil Spector, who later produced a Christmas album you may have heard of....
  • For The Love Of Others by Piney Gir
    This song - taken from her album The Yearling - is part of a three-track single so far available only as a 7-inch through Damaged Goods or as a download through iTunes. Like Norton Records, another stubbornly retro indie label, Damaged Goods has a tradition of releasing Christmas records - including great efforts by Billy Childish (Thee Headcoats), TV Smith (Adverts), Poly Styrene (X Ray Spex), and Holly Golightly (Thee Headcoatees). The really good news is that the label is releasing a download-only compilation containing nearly all of them! Life gets better....
  • I Wish It Was Christmas Today by Julian Casablancas
    This song by the Strokes frontman originated on the "Saturday Night Live" TV show - visit Stereo Gum to hear Casablancas' cover and watch the original SNL video. So far, the single is available as a 99 cent download on Amazon (where it is labeled "Christmas Treat"), but on iTunes you have to purchase of his entire latest album, Phrazes For The Young (offer later discontinued). A 7-inch vinyl single is due December 21.
  • It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas by the Pet Shop Boys
    This is a new version of a song the notoriously fey duo originally sent to their fan club in 1997. So far only available on an imported CD single.
  • It's Always Christmas Time by Al Jourgensen with Mark Thwaite
    I've heard fans of Christmas music claim Ministry's "Jesus Built My Hot Rod" as a holiday song. That's a bit of a stretch. But, this single by Ministry front man Jorgensen and British guitarist-for-hire Thwaite is the real thing.
  • Rockin' Christmas Time by Steve Brown
    Who, you ask? Brown was the guitarist for 80's hair metal gods Trixter, and he recorded this song in 2003 with his band 40ft. Ringo. So, this is, technically speaking, a reissue. Anyway, I'm no fan of hair metal, but Brown has shorn his shlong and cranked up the pop, and this song, well, rocks. Dude!
  • Away In A Manger by Paul Westerberg
    Back in February, former Replacements leader Westerberg released a non-LP single - apparently an Amazon exclusive - called "D.G.T." (as in "Damn Good Time"). Selling for a hefty 79 cents, the single included two b-sides - the western nugget "Streets Of Laredo" and "Away In A Manger," both rendered in typically shambolic fashion. What was he thinking? No telling, but it rocks!
  • Happy Birthday, Guadalupe! by The Killers
    This is the Killers' fourth consecutive Christmas single - all of them supporting (RED), a foundation fighting AIDS in Africa through (believe it or not) consumerism. Download or, for a limited time, purchase a CD through Newbury Comics, one of Amazon's most reliable third-party sellers. BTW, the Killers' earlier singles were "Great Big Sled" (2006), "Don't Shoot Me Santa" (2007), and "Joseph, Better You Than Me" (2008) - all still available for download.

Other singles of note - but that I can't honestly recommend - include "Candy Cane Christmas" from former Blowfish Darius 'Hootie' Rucker, "Christmas In Your Arms" by American Idol doughboy Ruben Studdard, "I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas" by redneck diva Gretchen Wilson, "Where My Christmas Lives" by 90's alt-rockers 3 Doors Down, and a pointless remake of the Kinks' "Father Christmas" by earnest singer/songwriter Cary Brothers. Also, the Cast of Glee has recorded a cover of Wham's "Last Christmas" (an iTunes exclusive) but, frankly, I'm not young enough or gay enough....

I'm on the fence, however, about Dolly Parton's "Comin' Home For Christmas." I love Dolly - who doesn't? - but this song is more reminiscent of treacle like "Me And Little Andy" than fierce odes like "Jolene." Finally, Grandpa Elliott's rendition of "Please Come Home For Christmas" adds little to the Charles Brown chestnut, but your purchase of it supports Playing For Change, a multimedia movement to bring peace to the world through music.

Curiously, Capitol Records has released two (count 'em) vintage Christmas singles as MP3 downloads - "Christmas Blues" b/w "The Chipmunk Song" by Canned Heat and "Snoopy's Christmas" b/w "It Kind Looks Like Christmas" by the Royal Guardsmen. Capitol has been more proactive than the other major labels when reissuing their catalog on MP3 - but just two? They have literally thousands in the can! (Late in the season, they made Stan Freberg's brilliant "Green Christmas" available for download. But, it's only one of five Christmas tracks included on the DRG compact disc The Capitol Singles Collection.)

More promisingly, Rhino Records has begun issuing "digital 45's" - including some semi-rare tracks and their original (and even more rare) b-sides. Finding the holiday titles may prove tough among the 500-plus singles they've released thus far (try searching for keywords like Christmas and Santa) but I found cool things by artists as varied as Dwight Yoakam, Brook Benton, Allan Sherman, Firefall, and Hank Crawford.

My Christmas List. Anyway, the list below is a look at the new albums that I think will be of interest to people who love holiday music that rocks, rolls, swings, or twangs - meaning that it is neither a list of my recommendations nor a comprehensive list of new releases. Hope you find it useful. What have I missed? Drop me a line...

Randy Anthony

Amos, Tori Midwinter Graces 2009 image buy  
Archuleta, David Christmas From The Heart 2009 image buy  
Aznavour, Charles Aznavour Chante Noël
- reissued in 2009 as MP3 download
1996 image buy  
Beach Boys Holidays & Hits
- digital album containing Christmas With The Beach Boys plus Very Best (2003)
2009 image buy review
  Merry Christmas From The Beach Boys
- five-track digital EP from the Capitol vaults
2009 image buy review
  Christmas Harmonies
- 15 track CD including alternate take of "Auld Lang Syne"
2009 image buy review
Beatallica Winter Plunderband (EP)
- band specializes in Beatles/Metallica mash-ups
2009 image buy  
Bley, Carla Carla's Christmas Carols
- with Steve Swallow and the Partyka Brass Ensemble
2009 image buy  
Bottlerocket Maybe Next Year (EP)
- not to be confused with roots rock band the Bottle Rockets
2009 image buy  
Charles, Ray The Spirit Of Christmas 1985 image buy review
Chevonne Unwrap Me (EP) 2009 image buy  
Chipmunks Christmas With The Chipmunks
- same as above with slightly different artwork
2009 image buy  
  Holidays & Hits
- digital album containing Christmas (2009) plus Greatest Hits (2007)
2009 image buy  
Christmas Jug Band On The Holiday Highway 2009 image buy  
Christy, June This Time Of Year
- reissued in 2009 as MP3 download
1961 image buy  
Clark, Petula This Is Christmas
- recorded 1969-2009
2009 image buy  
Cole, Nat King Holidays & Hits
- digital album containing Christmas Song plus Very Best (2006)
2009 image buy review
  Merry Christmas From Nat King Cole
- five-track digital EP from the Capitol vaults
2009 image buy review
  The Christmas Song
- 20 tracks compilation with new cover
2009 image buy review
Crosby, Bing Merry Christmas From Bing Crosby
- five-track digital EP from the Capitol vaults
2009 image buy review
Daniels, Charlie Joy To The World: A Bluegrass Christmas
- guests include Aaron Tippin and Kathy Mattea
2009 image buy  
Diamond, Neil A Cherry Cherry Christmas
- selections from above two plus several new recordings
2009 image buy  
Douglas, Jerry Jerry Christmas 2009 image buy  
Dylan, Bob Christmas In The Heart
- also available in deluxe edition
2009 image buy  
Eager, Cass & The Mo' Debleys Santa's Got Soul! 2009 image buy  
Etheridge, Melissa New Thought For Christmas
- deluxe edition of 2088 release with DVD and amended cover
2009 image buy  
A Fine Frenzy Oh Blue Christmas
- CD sold exclusively at Target; download available through iTunes
2009 image buy  
Fitzgerald, Ella Merry Christmas From Ella Fitzgerald
- five-track digital EP from the Capitol vaults
2009 image buy  
Force Family 5 Christmas Pageant 2009 image buy  
Four Tops Merry Christmas
- 1995 album deceptively repackaged to look like vintage Motown
2009 image buy  
Aretha Franklin This Christmas
- originally sold exclusively through Borders; reissued by Rhino in 2009
2008 image buy  
Gods Of Fire Hanukkah Gone Metal 2009 image buy  
Greenwood, Lee Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
- 2009 reissue with new cover
2001 image buy  
Halford, Rob
- of Judas Priest
Winter Songs 2009 image buy  
Hayes, Charles The Knight Before Christmas 2009 image buy  
Horne, Lena Merry Christmas From Lena Horne
- five-track digital EP from the Capitol vaults
2009 image buy  
Impressions I'm Coming Home For Christmas 2009 image buy  
Jackson 5 Ultimate Christmas Collection
- contains complete 'Christmas Album' plus 10 rarities
2009 image buy review
Jackson, Wanda & The Continentals Merry Christmas Baby
- the Continentals are a German rockabilly band; this album is available worldwide for the first time, though only for download...
1997 image buy  
Jerome, Henry Christmas And Other Memories 1950-1956 2009 image buy  
Joe Home Is The Essence Of Christmas
- originally an iTunes exclusive
2009 image buy  
King Family Christmas With The King Family
- CD reissue with bonus tracks by Collector’s Choice
1965 image buy  
Lee, Peggy Merry Christmas From Peggy Lee
- five-track digital EP from the Capitol vaults
2009 image buy  
Lettermen For Christmas This Year
- reissued in 2009 as MP3 download
1966 image buy  
Los Straitjackets Yuletide Beat
- released commercially as MP3 download; limited edition CD & vinyl sold through band's website
2009 image buy review
Manilow, Barry In The Swing Of Christmas
- originally released in 2007 and sold exclusively through Hallmark stores
2009 image buy  
Mantovani Christmas Carols
- classic traditional LP reissued by Collectors Choice in 2009
1958 image buy  
Marsalis, Wynton Christmas Jazz Jam
- originally sold exclusively at Target stores
2009 image buy  
Martin, Dean A Winter Romance
- reissued in 2009 as MP3 download
1959 image buy review
  Holidays & Hits
- digital album containing Winter Romance plus Essential (2004)
2009 image buy review
  Merry Christmas From Dean Martin
- five-track digital EP from the Capitol vaults
2009 image buy review
  My Kind Of Christmas
- 14 track compilation on Hip-O Records
2009 image buy review
Martino, Al A Merry Christmas
- reissued in 2009 as MP3 download
1964 image buy  
McDonald, Michael This Christmas
- mix of previously released tracks with new songs
2009 image buy  
Mistletoe Disco Band Christmas Disco
- MP3 download of much beloved budget 1980 LP
2009 image buy  
  More Christmas Disco
- MP3 download of lesser-known 1980 LP sequel
2009 image buy  
Moogstar Christmas With Moogstar
- coproduced by Swamp Dogg; also issued as MP3 download
2009 image buy  
Musiq Soulchild Christmas Musiq
- MP3 download reissue of "Philly Soul Christmas," initially sold exclusively at Hallmark stores in 2008
2009 image buy  
MxPx Punk Rawk Christmas
- MP3 compilation of fan club singles plus new recordings; limited edition CD with extra tracks sold through band's website, CD-R sold through Amazon
2009 image buy review
Newton, Wayne Merry Christmas From Wayne Newton
- five-track digital EP from the Capitol vaults
2009 image buy  
  Merry Christmas To You
- 2-LP containing entire 1966 Capitol album plus eight new recordings; reissued in 2009 by DRG
1970 image buy  
Pandit, Korla Merry Christmas
- MP3 version of his 1950 album with amended cover and title
2009 image buy  
Parachute Winterlove (EP)
- iTunes exclusive
2009 image buy  
Phillips, Sam Cold Dark Night (EP)
- digital EP available only by subscription through her website; title track available through Amazon
2009 image buy  
Pierce, Brenda Kay Gift Wrapped 2009 image buy  
Rawls, Lou Merry Christmas From Lou Rawls
- five-track digital EP from the Capitol vaults
2009 image buy review
REO Speedwagon Not So Silent Night 2009 image buy  
Ruffins, Kermit Have A Crazy Cool Christmas 2009 image buy  
Schletter, Eban Cosmic Christmas 2009 image buy  
Simon, Carly & Andreas Vollenweider Hymn: A Musical Christmas Card (EP)
- digital repackage of tracks from Midnight Clear (2006)
2009 image buy  
Sinatra, Frank Holidays & Hits
- digital album containing Jolly Christmas plus Classic Sinatra (2000)
2009 image buy review
  Christmas With Sinatra And Friends
- with Mel Tormé, Rosemary Clooney, Ray Charles, and Tony Bennett
2009 image buy review
Sputnik Cape Cod Christmas At Our House (EP) 2009 image buy  
Stevens, Ray Christmas 2009 image buy  
Sting If On A Winter's Night...
- also available in deluxe edition
2009 image buy  
Straight No chaser Christmas Cheers 2009 image buy  
Sugarland Gold & Green 2009 image buy  
Swamp Dogg An Awful Christmas and A Lousy New Year 2009 image buy  
Trammps A Tramps Christmas
- MP3 reissue of Christmas With The Trammps (2003) with new title and cover
2009 image buy  
Trio West Trio West Plays Holiday Songs Vol. 2 2009 image buy  
Vee, Bobby Merry Christmas From Bobby Vee
- reissued in 2009 as MP3 download
1962 image buy review
White, Brooke iTunes Exclusive Holiday EP 2009 image buy  
soundtrack Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Have Yourself A Meaty Little Christmas
- holiday tunes from Meatwad, a character on the long-running show on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim
2009 image buy  
soundtrack A Christmas Story
- long-awaited reissue from beloved 1983 comedy
2009 image buy  
soundtrack Flintstones: Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm Singing Songs Of Christmas
- long out-of-print spin-off from the popular Hanna-Barbera animated series
1965 image buy  
soundtrack Hollywood Christmas
- Time-Life release marks first widely distributed CD appearance of Lindsay Buckingham's "Holiday Road"
2009 image buy  
soundtrack Phineas & Ferb: Christmas Vacation!
- Disney cartoon soundtrack features new cuts from Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Bowling For Soup
2009 image buy  
various artists Alfred Burt Christmas Carols Golden Anniversary Collection
- popular artists perform songs by writer of "Star Carol" and "Caroling, Caroling"
2009 image buy  
various artists All Wrapped Up Vol. 2
- Target exclusive featuring youth-oriented artists like the Jonas Brothers
2009 image buy  
various artists All Star Salute To Christmas
- oddball collection of artists (Iggy Pop, Donna Fargo) compiled by Cleopatra Records
2009 image buy  
various artists Annapolis Christmas Live
- recorded live in 2008 at the Ram’s Head Tavern; benefits the Annapolis Musicians Fund for Musicians
2009 image buy  
various artists Blues Blues Christmas Vol. 2
- originally scheduled for 2008, rescheduled for August 2009, still not available....
2009 image buy  
various artists Canadian Christmas 4
- north-of-the-border series continues...
2009 image buy  
various artists Christmas!
- Amazon exclusive MP3 album from Universal reissue label Hip-O Records
2009 image buy  
various artists Christmas Cheer
- Gigatone MP3 album compiling tracks from Dwight Twilley and Andrew Gold, plus Ron Dante's Rockin' Christmas Party (2001)
2007 image buy  
various artists Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector
- legendary album reissued by Sony Legacy; vinyl reissued by Sundazed
2009 image buy review
various artists Christmas On The Range: Cowboy Classics From Capitol Records
- classic 20-track country CD reissued as MP3 download
1992 image buy  
various artists Christmas On The Range
- 15 tracks from above reissued on CD with new cover art
2009 image buy  
various artists Christmas With The Rat Pack
- reissued in 2009 as MP3 download
2007 image buy  
various artists Country For Christmas
- digital EP from contemporary artists on Capitol Records
2009 image buy  
various artists A Damaged Christmas Gift For You
- MP3 compilation of quasi-annual singles from Damaged Goods Records
2009 image buy  
various artists Don't Wait Until Christmas
- alt-rock MP3 compilation from Banshee Music
2009 image buy  
various artists Gift Wrapped
- grab bag of styles from the Warner catalog; download only
2009 image buy  
various artists Hope For The Holidays: Rockin' Christmas For A Cure
- benefits the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
2009 image buy  
various artists In The Christmas Groove
- obscure 60’s and 70’s funk & soul from Strut Records
2009 image buy  
various artists Jingle Jangle Pop
- power pop EP featuring the Goldbergs and Sun Kings, both of which feature guitarist/vocalist Andy Goldberg
2009 image buy  
various artists Joy Of Christmas
- 3-CD, 45-track collection of mainstream pop; part of Sony/Legacy's budget-oriented "Box Set Series"
2009 image buy  
various artists Merriest Time Of The Year
- 15-track MP3 collection from Capitol Records
2009 image buy  
various artists Merry Kitschmas!
- eclectic collection from UK label El Records; similar to World In Winter (2000)
2009 image buy  
various artists Never mind Christmas, Here's The Bollocks!
- latter-day punk compilation on Cherry Red; similar to Bollocks To Christmas (1994)
2009 image buy  
various artists New York City Christmas
- a benefit album for ASTEP (Artists Striving To End Poverty)
2009 image buy  
various artists No Ho Ho Vol. 4: Alternative Christmas Holiday Anthems
- eclectic MP3 download album from the Selector Series
2009 image buy  
various artists NOW That's What I Call A Country Christmas
- double disc selection of contemporary and classic artists
2009 image buy  
various artists Putumayo Presents A Family Christmas
- roots-oriented music suitable for both kids and parents
2009 image buy  
various artists Safety Harbor Kids Holiday Collection
- star-studded collection benefits orphans & homeless children; CD sold exclusively at Southern California Best Buy stores
2009 image buy  
various artists Santa Claus Is Rockin' & Swinging
- imported 2-CD set chock full of 50's rock
2009 image buy  
various artists Songs To Celebrate 25 Days Of Christmas
- family-oriented ABC-TV soundtrack collection
2009 image buy  
various artists Sounds Of Christmas 2009
- inaugural release of Christmas-only label features a several rarities
2009 image buy  
various artists Ultimate Motown Christmas Collection
- 50-track, 2-CD set including many rare holiday greetings from Hitsville stars
2009 image buy review
various artists Very Special Christmas 7
- long-running series continues with roster of tween favorites
2009 image buy review
various artists Wild Rockin' & Boppin'? (X-Mas Edition)
- companion to neo-rockabilly album Wild Rockin' & Boppin' Vol. 1 (2008)
2009 image buy  

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