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Christmas Gift For a brief time, I'm offering free MP3's of a five treasures from my voluminous collection - songs I love and that I'm confident you can't find easily at any store. These are relatively lo-fi files (128 kbps), so no one should get too upset (we hope) at this petty larceny. Click on the pictures, song titles, or MP3 links to get your Christmas off to a rockin' start! Like Phil Spector, I'm pleased to offer this Christmas gift for you.

Randy Anthony

Bryan Adams

Yes, Bryan Adams - the Canadian rocker of renowned mediocrity - cut a holiday record I cherish. "Reggae Christmas" is, in fact, best remembered as the b-side to a truly excrable ballad, "Christmas Time." Adams and company, however, really have a blast on the faux rasta flip, and it's a record that I think you'll cherish, too. (Originally issued as a fan club bonus single in 1984, it is this rare issue that is pictured. Also released one year later as the B-side to "Christmas Time"; this is the more common version - relatively easy to find on festive green-vinyl.)

speaker MP3, 2.5 MB (ripped from vinyl)

Karla DeVito was cute as a bug and possessed of a voice the size of a house when she emerged full-formed on an unsuspecting pop scene in the early 80's. Sadly, the world proved unready for a brash, quirky, diminutive howler from New York City. Though that would all change when Cyndi Lauper broke large just a few years later, Karla DeVito's recording career ended after a brief period of notoriety. Devito's debut LP, "Is This A Cool World Or What," was brilliant, and this song followed the next Christmas - an irresistible flute of bubbly camp.

speaker MP3, 2.3 MB (ripped from vinyl)

Karla DeVito

Keith Richards

This 45 - the first solo recording Keith Richards ever released - predates the fabled New Barbarian tour by a year and Keith's first proper solo album by a decade. In fact, both sides of the single - the Chuck Berry Christmas chestnut featured here and Jimmy Cliff's reggae anthem "The Harder They Come" - had their genesis in some aborted sessions circa 1976-1977. Regardless, the sound is classic Keef - raw, rockin', spirited, and soulful. Out of all the reindeer, we know who's the mastermind....

speaker MP3, 2.9 MB (ripped from vinyl)

This storied trio of hip hop pioneers is best remembered for two things - spawning rap star Kool Moe Dee and performing this song in Beat Street, one of several hip hop flicks from the early 80's. Like many great rap records, "Santa's Rap" (which also features Doug E. Fresh - not a regular member of the crew) is both scabrous and side-splitting, a bleak tale of ghetto holidays leavened by ribald jokes and dirty dozens. Interestingly, "Santa's Rap" (a.k.a. "Xmas Rap") was bleeped and truncated on the original 45 and soundtrack LP; the MP3 I've provided for you is the full-length, unexpurgated version.

speaker MP3, 5.5 MB (ripped from CD)

Treacherous Three


The story is Weezer is a story of pop redemption - a story I hope to tell more completely at a later date. "Christmas Celebration" is extracted from a two-song promotional disc Weezer issued as they prepared to cap their unlikely comeback with 2001's amazing Weezer (the green album). The song is exactly what we've come to expect from Rivers Cuomo and company - the loudest, best pop since Cheap Trick, plus ennui out the ass.

speaker MP3, 2.1 MB (ripped from CD)

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